The Centre for Blue Economy, a center seeking to build frameworks and policies around sustainable ocean economic activities and ocean-based technologies.

Over the years, more so in the past decade, researchers around the world have shifted focus towards ocean resources, as it remains an untapped field around the globe. & strategies

Contrary to the traditional way of doing things, which was ‘tap!’ tap!’ ‘tap’ into the resources and make the most from it; the sustainability aspect has merged into the research and policy making frameworks. This is to ensure that the resources are used, not to depletion; but through ways that ensure longevity of the business models around it.

At BlueLab Centre for Blue Economy, we present an action-oriented platform that brings together key players to maximize value of the oceans’ economy.

A synergy from government, innovators, private sector and academia will enable the realization of solutions that bring utmost socio- economic growth, job creations and a healthy ocean ecosystem that retains the cultural wealth around it.

In line with the Sustainable Development agenda, outlined in the Kenya Vision 2030, BlueLab will facilitate innovators, to achieving high value outputs around business models, policy making and investment vehicles.

Small Island Development States (SIDS) having pioneered ecosystems around the ocean’s economy, set a good example of how resourceful & impactful the ocean economy can be.

This sets a sure tone, for the impact solutions around the ocean economy will have.

Beyond the East African coast, being a globally recognized tourist attraction the need to investigate the potential around the oceanic resources, is a matter of urgency if we are going to get the most from this resource. 

The potential for other resources such as: marine transport, mineral extraction, oil extraction and bio- prospecting can be harnessed, into an economic model that can mitigate country’s’ debt predicament.

Exploration of the seas beyond the regions’ jurisdiction, will eventually grow healthy collaborations that will enforce strong & resilient economies within the region.

The ocean is also a big energy resource, coined as “Blue Energy”. Energy production from wind, tides, waves & thermal energy, are options that would benefit both domestic and industrial sectors if efficiently utilized.

At BlueLab we align strategic partnerships, incentives, science (knowledge & data), tools and platforms to create high-value and goal-focused outputs around policy, financial, institutional and technological innovations.