Center of Excellence for Blue Economy

At BlueLab we align strategic partnerships, incentives, science tools and platforms to create high-value and goal-focused outputs around innovation, policy, financial, institutional and technological innovations.

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Opportunities in Blue Economy sector in Africa

  • Aquaculture
  • Maritime and Security
  • Innovative industries
  • Cold Chain logistics
  • Waste management (Plastic waste)
  • Blue Carbon
  • Financial solutions
  • Market Extention Services
  • Blue Energy

Our objectives at the Center for Excellence for Blue Economy

  1. Building capacity and capabilities to harness the technological and digital revolution for transformation in the Blue economy sector & Food systems
  2. Catalyzing collaboration between academia, innovators, research institutions, private and the public sector in co-creating solutions to everyday food system challenges
  3. Scale-up knowledge-driven innovations (policy, financial, or technology) and their enablers in the public and private sector
  4. Promoting the use of data for decision making and action in creating and sustaining excellence in transformation centered services within the public and private sector

Our stakeholders at BlueLab:

Corporates and Private sector

At BlueLab we brings companies together to increase sustainable innovation and modernization across oceans sectors


Our community consist of startups in all sizes with the mission to enbale more innovation in the Blue economy sector in Africa


At BlueLab we collaborate with investors interested in the leading ocean startups to develop the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa.

Academic and R&D partners

We work with a large network of regional and international academic and R&D partners to drive more research, data and collaboration in the Blue economy sector in Africa

Development partners

The BlueLab community fosters new partnerships and innovative projects built on collaboration between not-for-profits, industry, research, investors, and government.

Outcomes with BlueLab – Centre of Excellence for Blue Economy

  1. Increased access to resilient innovative solutions across the entire Blue Economy value chain and food systems
  2. Improved efficiency through engagement of civil society, government, academia, innovators, farmers through use of data and knowledge
  3. Utilization of practical knowledge base of what works and scale up of solutions, paired with policy, financial incentives/investments
  4. Partners and networks realigning their missions towards transformative practices that accelerate the achievement of food systems imperatives.
  5. Vibrant and people centered innovation ecosystem.